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Taelor and Sydni Scott's Dear World tribute to their father

in honor of his passing on January 4, 2015.

Story by Dear World December 31st, 2015

About the collaboration

On the year anniversary of his passing, sports anchor Stuart Scott’s legacy is still going strong through his daughters Taelor (20) and Sydni Scott (16), who continue to honor the sports media icon.

Taelor and Sydni and Dear World collaborated on a video love letter about their father to mark the one year anniversary of his passing on January 4, 2015.

The Scotts became friends Dear World’s founder Robert X. Fogarty after he photographed Stuart Scott for Dear World in its signature message on skin portrait style. The portrait eventually became the cover image for Every Day I Fight, Scott’s memoir. In the distinctive Dear World portrait style where each person shares a message on their skin, now Taelor and Sydni have created a tribute to their father in Dear World’s style.

Their latest tribute, “Dear Stuart Scott”, will be released at 6 AM EST, Monday January 4, 2016 at


Dear World has grabbed headlines for photographing Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp, Boston Marathon Bombing survivors and survivors of Hurricane Sandy in New York and of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Their portrait subjects include Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Drew Brees and Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon.

Each person writes a message to someone they love or about something they care about.

“Stuart Scott was a childhood hero of mine. And can never get the final passages of his famous ESPYs speech out of my head when thinking about Taelor and Sydni going into this new year,” Fogarty said. Stuart said, ‘When you get too tired to fight, then lay down and rest and let someone fight for you.’ I see the love and support of so many to Taelor and Sydni and I admire the fight they have inside of them. It’s hard to lose someone you love and they honor Stuart’s legacy every day.”

The love letter from @taeandSyd + @dearworld

The full video will be loaded at and a written love letter from Taelor and Sydni will be hosted as well as some never before seen family photos to honor Stuart on this day.

All media will be hosted on the home page of

The backstory

Fogarty met Stuart Scott over the 2013 NBA Allstar break in Houston while photographing at the invitation of Jeremy Lin and the Jereemy Lin foundation.

I remember being overwhelmed at Stuart’s interest in the project,” Fogarty said. “When I asked him what he wanted to tell the world, he paused slightly. Then he asked me, Can I write “Ass” on my arm?”

‘Of course, I said’.”

Fogarty and Stuart stayed in touch over twitter and Fogarty worked with Scott’s publishers to use the portrait on the cover.

After Stuart passed away, Fogarty and Taelor and Sydni became friends on twitter and over the summer of 2015 started working on an idea to honor their dad.


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// This is a private preview of Taelor and Sydni’s Dear World love letter video. On January 4 at 5 AM EST, the video, love letter from Taelor and Sydni and other family photos will be released at

You may download photos and other media HERE.


Taelor / Sydni: @taeandsyd

Dear World: @dearworld

// Taelor and Sydni would like people who like the video and loved Stuart to share their own memories with the hashtag #dearstuartscott

// To contact the Taelor / Sydni
Cyn Hawkins Davis // +1202.297.6147

// To contact Dear World
Jonah Evans // +1 504.913.0138

The private preview of Taelor and Sydni’s Dear World love letter video can be accessed here. Sharing is embargoed until January 4 at 6 AM EST The full video will be loaded at

Video Credits:
Executive Producer: Robert X. Fogarty
Director: David Reece
Assistant Camera Operator: Matthew Guidry
Editor: Victoria McCarthy

Special thanks to the SCott family who tirelessly worked to coordinate Taelor and sydni’s schedules to make this happen!

About Dear World

Dear World asks each portrait subject to share a message to someone or something they care about in their signature style. Dear World began in 2009 when residents of New Orleans wrote “love note“ to the city.

Everywhere they go, they ask people to share a message To someone they love or about something they care about.

His field projects have included visiting Joplin, Missouri, Breezy Point, New York, the Zataari Refugee camp, Boston marathon survivors in addition to the Stuart Scott tribute.

Dear World has photographed over 50,000 people all around the world and has appeared on CNN, the TODAY show, the Independent and L’Express.